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Notes in the margins

The picture is of a door in my town, a door that never opens, in one of those back-of-the-tapestry corners behind the prettiness. The kind of corner where outcrops of unloved and untenanted buildings sprout buddleia and toadflax, and where the vents of cooker hoods and boilers puff harmlessly on the air.

Cities don’t like a vacuum, even when they’re in the margins. Corners like this fill up with all kinds of things. The blank canvas of this unused door filled with flyers, graffiti, messages from the city to the city. It’s where business cards went after phone boxes lost their charm. A pre-web version, if you like, of a blogspot.

(Thought I’d save you the bother of seeing where I was going with this).

This is where you’ll find me, wielding words and push-pins, sharing news, views, local events, book reviews and other miscellany. Those moved to comment are very welcome, and so are those who prefer to read and move on. And let me not detain a moment longer those who swore they’d never read a blog, much less write one.


© Photo by B. Hutchinson

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