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Sentence level

The business of words is a serious one. And while I enjoy the little tricks and backflips they can be made to perform as much as anyone, I take them very seriously. See the kind of trouble they can get us into when we slacken the reins; watch what happens when we choose the right ones.

Words are the connective tissue between us and the world we want to make. The feature writer writes to inform, the copywriter to persuade, the columnist to provoke. A web page needs writing that keeps the ever-dwindling attention of the surfer who’s one click away from other shores.

Professional wordsmiths know this territory, because it’s where we live. We know that writing and editing isn’t simply a case of lining up the right words in the right order. It’s about tone, the spaces between words, and making words work at sentence level so that the message stands clear of the noise.

Oh yes. They also know when enough has been said. So what qualifies me to say all this?

I’ve written for the regional press, for the public and private sectors, and for the NHS. I write features and fiction, newsletters and reviews, blogposts and web copy. I’m a graduate of the University of East Anglia MA in Creative Writing. Some examples of my recent work are featured on my Portfolio page, and there’s more of me on the Marginalia page.

Comments, suggestions, questions and enquiries are all very welcome. Pop something in a comment box, e-mail me or give me a call.